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Thanksgiving Candy

Why not make Thanksgiving interesting this year by eating candy instead of your go-to dessert?

We know that because of the pandemic, Thanksgiving will not be the same this year, but because of that, why don’t we have fun in the kitchen to make the holiday more interesting? Here are three recipes you can use for this year’s Thanksgiving.

Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins

This recipe only requires three ingredients. Start by adding orange food coloring to the mixture, and then rolling it into balls. When they slightly cool, add a Rolo and add a green M&M as the stem. You can substitute the Rolo chocolate with a Tootsie Roll.

Candy Turkey Bites

To make this, you need pretzels, Rolos, M&M’s, and Candy Corn. Start off by topping the pretzels with Rolos and warm that in the oven. As soon as the chocolate begins to soften, remove the combo from the oven and add Turkey feathers (Candy Corn), then the eyes (use anything), then the beak (M&M’s).

Paper Bag Turkey Legs

This will be a great treat for younger children, and they will love it. All you need are brown paper bags, plain white paper, and any rapped candy (Tootsie roll, Hershey’s kisses). All you want to do is craft the brown and plain white paper into a turkey leg and add the wrapped candy inside of that.

Let us Know

What are you planning on making for dessert this Thanksgiving?


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