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With Halloween coming up, what can the candy industry expect?

With Halloween being 26 days away, the same question we're all asking still remains of how Halloween will look this year?

What are most people doing with their children for Halloween?

Many people say that children and families should celebrate Halloween at home and not go door to door and being in large groups to avoid the spread of Covid-19. This can still mean that parents can go ahead and buy candy except they can give it to their children instead of trick or treaters.

What do the experts think?

NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said, "Consumers continue to place importance on celebrating our traditional holidays, even if by untraditional standards, Retailers are prepared to meet the increased demand for seasonal décor, costumes, and other items that allow families the opportunity to observe Halloween safely.”

What do you think?

Should Halloween be celebrated by kids going out to trick or treat or by staying home with their families?


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