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El Bubble Gum Cigars | Version I


El Bubble Gum Cigars | Version I



El Bubble Gum Cigars | Version I

Nostalgic | Retro | Classic | Old Fashion

  • Attractive, eye-catching packaging
  • 3 delicious bubble gum flavors
  • Counter display

Banana, apple, and original bubble gum flavors, make bubble gum cigars from El Bubble® a fun impulse item. Each counter display box features colorful graphics to enhance impulse sales. Great novelty item and concession sale item. Novelty bubble gum cigars are terrific for party favors, too.

Display box contains 36 wrapped El Bubble Bubble Gum Cigars.
DISCLAIMER: In order to hold its shape, this novelty item is made to be quite hard. Gum will soften after chewing. 

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