Charleston Chew Rollers Vanilla 12/4.5 oz


Charleston Chew Rollers Vanilla 12/4.5 oz



Charleston Chew Rollers Vanilla Snack-To-Go Resealable Bag 12/4.5 oz


* Rollers from Charleston Chew

* Stand up pouch with Charleston Chew branding

* Chocolatey covered nougat


Charleston Chew(r) Rollers are a fun take on the popular nostalgic Charleston Chew chocolate covered nougat candy. The long lasting chewy of Charleston Chews has been enjoyed for generations, and now they have rolled out a new and novel way to enjoy all that vanilla nougat goodness. Rollers are spheres of vanilla nougat enrobed in a rich, creamy chocolate flavor coating. Terrific for your grab and go section and ideal for concession sales in a brightly colored stand up pouch with a peg hole.