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What are the most famous candy logos in the world?

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

What are the most famous candy logos in the world?
What are the most famous candy logos in the world?

Here are the top 5 candy logos:


Snickers is one of the most well-known chocolate bars, and it is much more than just a sweet treat. Instead, this chocolate bar gives us energy and improves our mood. The Snickers logo first appeared in 1939. The word "Snickers" is written entirely in capital letters. The first version of the logo had a small star symbol on the left. The logo is printed on a black nameplate with a brown outline. This is supposed to resemble the design.

After that, the logo was changed several times. The logo was redesigned in 2005. The logo frame thinned out, and the capital letters remained the same height. Notes also gained a thin, white shadow, which gave them volume.


shaped candies with a hard, crunchy shell and delicious sweet chocolate filling are unquestionably popular. This famous candy logo has a long history and contains the candy's creators' initials.

Have you ever heard the scandalous story behind M&M's name? M&M's logo is one of the most well-known candy logos, especially in 1940s candies. The name of this candy, like the logo, is simple but meaningful. The first "M" letter represents Mars (Forrest Mars Sr.), and the second "M" letter represents Murrie (Bruce Murrie).


Skittles are button-shaped candies that resemble M&Ms but have a completely different filling and thus taste. The candy was invented in England, but it is now owned by Wrigley Company, a division of Mars, Inc.

Skittles' candy logos have changed several times. The current version includes an image of colourful skittles lying on a rainbow. The wordmark "Skittles" is over the image. The logo is primarily red and white.


Milka Swiss Chocolate is regarded as one of the most famous chocolates of the twentieth century. Mondelez International owns it at the moment. The packaging and logo immediately transported us to Switzerland, where it was presented in a lilac-coloured package. This one's colour role is distinct and more important than any other candy logo. The colour purple represents luxury while remaining unobtrusive.

The font looks like flowing milk, representing the nature of the chocolate candy, which is rich in milk. The candy's name combines two German words: "milk" and "cocoa."

Chupa Chups

There is hardly anyone who hasn't heard of the legendary Salvador Dali. But did you know that he designed the Chupa Chups logo? The first candy marketing campaign was to create an iconic symbol and slogan, "It's round and long-lasting." In 1969, the logo was finalized and released.

The logo has a flower-like shape and is light yellow. The word "Chupa Chups" is written in red on a yellow background, creating the perfect colour balance. The letters in "Chupa" are more "steady," while "Chups" are more "wavy" or "flowy."

By: Helia Mohammadi

Social Media Specialist

Adicator Digital Marketing Agency

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