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Wonka Sweetarts Mini Chewy 24-ct.


Wonka Sweetarts Mini Chewy 24-ct.



Wonka Sweetarts Mini Chewy 24-ct.

Enjoy this soft and chewy version of the classic tangy SweeTart candy.

Wonka Mini Chewy SweeTarts may look colourful little marbles, but these little candies are impossible to play with! They seem to mysteriously disappear on us any time we turn our backs. Even more curiously, we often find our opponents chewing happily while we search for the lost spheres! Their disappearance is a mystery, that's for sure.

Okay, so we don’t actually recommend these chewy round tarts for a fun game of marbles, but we do recommend using them as a delicious fruit flavoured snack! Each colourful candy ball has the tart taste of a typical SweeTart in a chewier, more circular form. Go ahead, delight your taste buds with a pack of these mini candies!

Delicious chewy nuggets in an assortment of perky fruit flavours! Colour - Flavor Legend:
RED - CHERRY, ORANGE - ORANGE, YELLOW - LEMON. GREEN - GREEN APPLE, PURPLE - GRAPE, There are approximately 80 pieces per packet.

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