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Wonka SweeTarts Giant Chewy Candies


Wonka SweeTarts Giant Chewy Candies



WonkaSweeTarts Giant Chewy Candies

What’s better than a pack of Giant Chewy SweeTarts? A whole box of Giant Chewy SweeTarts! Each purple, blue, red, yellow, and green disk is full of perky fruit flavor, and that one-of-a-kind, slightly chewy texture that leaves you craving another pack as soon as you finish the first. Fortunately, you'll have a whole box. You might even feel like sharing.
Flavor assortment includes:

  • Blue Punch (blue)
  • Cherry (red)
  • Grape (purple)
  • Lemon (yellow)
  • Green Apple (green)

Display box contains 36 SweeTarts Giant Chewy Candy 4-Packs.

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