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Wonka Sweetart Rope Bites Peg Bag 12ct 5.25oz


Wonka Sweetart Rope Bites Peg Bag 12ct 5.25oz



Wonka Sweetart Rope Bites Peg Bag 12ct 5.25oz

New Sweetarts Candy

The ropes you’ve come to love are now bite-sized! SweeTARTS Ropes Bites are soft and chewy deliciousness with a fruit-punch filling. Bite-sized nuggets feature a sour chewy outside with a sweet, soft inside that include flavours of Orange, Strawberry, Green Apple, Cherry, and Blue Punch. Willy Wonka would be proud!

  • Soft & Chewy Ropes: soft & Chewy Ropes take the classic sweet & tart flavor fusion a step further, creating bendable fun that’s fruity licorice & SweeTARTS All in one, with a cherry punch filling!
  • Taste & texture candy surprise: soft & Chewy with a tangy, Cherry punch flavored filling, SweeTARTS Ropes explode with a mouthwatering maze of texture & Taste that makes candy lovers go crazy. Plus no artificial flavors or colors.
  • Try them all: we've come a long way from the original Sweet & tart candy, with exciting new flavors and textures including jelly beans, chewy Ropes, Mini chewies, and more!
  • The original Sweet & tart: a pioneer in taste innovation, SweeTARTS delivers the original flavor combination of delightfully sweet & delicately tart flavors in an array of colorful candy creations.
  • A taste for the different: we’re passionate about candy, & Together we can make the world a sweeter place by adding a tangy jolt of excitement into every day with flavor so good We can’t contain it!
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