Whirly Pop - 3 oz (4") Rainbow: 48-Piece Case


Whirly Pop - 3 oz (4") Rainbow: 48-Piece Case



Whirly Pop - 3 oz (4") Rainbow: 48-Piece Case 

You can hear whimsical music looping around and around in your ears as you look at this larger-than-life Whirly Pop. Its rainbow face mesmerizes you, resulting in a mouthwatering lure that can only be tamed by taste. After ripping its plastic wrapper, your tongue gets ahold of the sweet, fruity flavor.
The only thing that brings you back to reality is a soft tug at your hemline. You were supposed to be passing out the 48-piece case to your daughter’s birthday party guests. Not to worry. Although kids don’t have much patience, they’ll forget they had to wait when they're distracted by the delicious taste.


  • Tutti Frutti

Case contains 48 wrapped Rainbow Swirl Whirly Pops.