Vidal Bulk Gummi Crocodiles **3/4.4lbs Bag**


Vidal Bulk Gummi Crocodiles **3/4.4lbs Bag**



Vidal Bulk Gummi Crocodiles 3/4.4lbs Bag

Gummy crocodiles made by Vidal Candies is a tasty treat that's very chewy! If you love gummy confections, then you must sink your teeth into these scaly morsels.

Each piece includes a long, narrow crocodile shape with a slender tail and rounded head. Realistic detail goes into each, creating a menacing face and textured body. Our gummy crocodiles aren't really mean, they just look that way! Each includes a tasty green body with a brightly colored head in orange or red. No matter which end you start eating first, you'll love every sweet bite.

Our bulk crocodile gummies are a great choice for birthday parties, picnics and events with a jungle or alligator theme. Find new ways to serve up these chewy candies by using them to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other delicious treats. Our crocodile gummies also make fun filler for Easter baskets, edible gifts and holiday stockings!