Unicorn Pops / Mini / Green (Lime)


Unicorn Pops / Mini / Green (Lime)



Unicorn Pops / Mini / Green (Lime)

Famous for giving that tangy zing to creamy pies that you know and love, the Key lime species contains more seeds than most and has a thinner, yellow skin as opposed to the green that it's fruity, supermarket-bound cousins bear.

Our palates aren't quite fancy enough to identify which species of lime flavors this gorgeous green lollipop, but we think we're addicted to its intense citrus taste.

The delightful kelly green tone the sucker sports is wrapped up in a tart embrace with a smooth white hard candy spiral atop an easy-to-grip white stick. A perfect companion to a tall glass of ice water on a warm summer's afternoon, this sucker defines refreshment.

Cheerful and cute, we could envision you impaling a centerpiece made of lemons, limes, sprigs of white blooms, and these adorable pops in time to adorn an outdoor table set for a midday lunch event this summer.

Your guests will feel honored when you send them home with one as a sweet party favor.

  • Lime

Tub contains 24 Green & White Unicorn Pops Candy.