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Unicorn Pops / 1.5-Ounce (12") / Rainbow 36ct


Unicorn Pops / 1.5-Ounce (12") / Rainbow 36ct



Unicorn Pops / 1.5-Ounce (12") / Rainbow 36ct

Long ago, unicorns roamed the plains in numbers that rivaled the mighty buffalo. Then humans came, and the unicorns were sought after in great numbers for their sugary and delicious rainbow horns. Their numbers declined and there was concern that they would go the way of the passenger pigeon, dodo or quagga. Luckily, thanks to responsible management programs and concerned citizen-stewardship from folks like the CandyWarehouse Elves, today there is a thriving, sustainable population of the majestic, delectably horned animals. Responsibly enjoy these sweet Rainbow Unicorn lollipop antlers.... a tornado of sweet, colorful candy twirled around a 12-inch wooden stick!


  • Tutti Frutti

Case contains 36 wrapped Rainbow Twist Unicorn Pops.

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