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Smarties Mega Double Lollipop 60 ct Jar


Smarties Mega Double Lollipop 60 ct Jar



Smarties Mega Double Lollipop 60 ct Jar

Need a bigger lollipop? Then these Mega Double Lollies should do the trick! Each measures about 1.5 inches in diameter -- now that’s a lot of lolly!

Perfect for the indecisive candy lover, each mega treat features the delicious taste and texture of Smarties candy in lovable lollipop form, with two different flavors per pop to boot! Now you’re just left with the choice between the delicious orange/lemon or cherry/blue raspberry combinations. This can be a hard one, so feel free to take your time. And though these over-sized treats will last a while, if you want to try both flavors, don’t be shy! This tub has more than enough lollipops to allow for plenty of taste testing!

Lollipops measure 1.5 inches in diameter.

Tub contains 60 individually-wrapped Mega Double Lollies.

Made in Canada.

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