Smarties Candy Necklaces Tub


Smarties Candy Necklaces Tub



Smarties Candy Necklaces Tub

Smarties are a delicious, fruit-flavored candy tablet confection, and each time you devour a roll of them bite by scrumptious bite, you probably commend yourself on making such a smart candy choice.
But occasionally, disaster will strike. One slight, careless movement of the hand, and suddenly you find all your candy on the ground! Now, all out of Smarties, we can guarantee you’ll stop feeling quite so intelligent.
Well, here’s a simple solution to all your Smarty-sustaining needs. Created by the makers of the sweet candy tablets themselves, these fruity pieces are strung on a candy necklace! Who knew that the classic candy fashion accessory also doubled as an ingenious means of confectionery safe-keeping? So wear your Smarties around your neck proudly, and never again let life’s little clumsy accidents deprive you of their sweet goodness!
Tub contains 36 wrapped Candy Necklaces.
From the maker of Smarties!

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