Rilakkuma Lazy Day Sweets Mints


Rilakkuma Lazy Day Sweets Mints



Rilakkuma Lazy Day Sweets Mints

A very relaxed brown bear cub hangs around with you all day.

Clip on a cute friend filled with 0.7 oz of bear-shaped marshmallow flavored candies.

Packed 12 per display.

Rilakkuma is a character produced by the Japanese company San-X, launched in 2003. The fictional story for Rilakkuma's being is that he mysteriously appears in a female office worker apartment one day. He is a soft toy bear who has apparently decided to take up residence there.

Fun Facts

  • The name “Rilakkuma” means “relaxed bear”, it was created in 2003 by Aki Kondo.
  • Rilakkuma was first seen in a series of picture books called Rilakkuma Seikatsu produced by San-X but since has become equally popular as a soft-toy character.
  • It was announced in August 2017 that Netflix has signed Rilakkuma to a series in 2019.