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PayDay Candy Bars


PayDay Candy Bars



PayDay Candy Bars

Real wholesome crunchy roasted peanuts and sweet chewy caramel create the deliciously satisfying taste of PAYDAY peanut caramel bar. Salty-sweet, chewy-crunchy...PAYDAY'S truly unique combination of ingredients is the great tasting way to keep you going. PayDay Peanut Caramel bars make an excellent give-away candy for almost any promotional campaign!
Box contains 24 Pay Day Candy Bars, each with a net weight of 1.85 ounces.

PayDay candy bars have no gluten ingredients on the label, and furthermore, The Hershey Company does list PayDay bars on their gluten-free products page. While Payday candy bars are not certified gluten-free, they are considered safe to eat.

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