Nik' L' Nip 8 Pack Original Wax Bottles 12ct


Nik' L' Nip 8 Pack Original Wax Bottles 12ct



Nik' L' Nip  8 Pack Original Wax Bottles 12ct

Nik-L-Nips have been pleasing the young and the young-at-heart for generations! Invented in the early 1900s, these little wax delicacies derive their name from a combination of the original cost of the candy (a nickel) and the preferred technique for opening the wax bottle (with a nip!). How nifty is that?

Each pack includes five fruity bottles with some fun and funky names, as diverse as the many decades they’ve survived: Chillin' CherryO-So OrangeHello LemonBlazin' Blue Raspberry, and Groovin' Green.

The best part about Nik-L-Nips is that there’s no wrong way to eat one. You can suck the liquid slowly or chew on the entire bottle at once like a flavorful piece of gum (though, also like gum, you won’t want to swallow it!). Introduce Nik-L-Nips to the next generation, and start up a new tradition with your family and friends. Just one taste of their delicious, colorful flavors will remind you why these juicy little treats have persisted all these years!
Bottle Height: 2 Inches
Display box contains 12 packs of Nik-L-Nips Wax Bottles Candy 8 packs.