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Mamba Jumbo Duo 24x106g Piece Box


Mamba Jumbo Duo 24x106g Piece Box



Mamba Jumbo Duo  24x106g Piece Box

Mamba Duo Fruit Chews Retro Candies

Imported from Germany!

Mamba vs Starburst an aged old question that rivals M&M's vs Smarties. To each's own we say! For us, it's an easy answer, one in each hand! 

This pack of Mamba Duo Fruit Chews contains four individually wrapped packs each with six individually wrapped chewy candies. Each of the four packs has two-fruit varieties: Watermelon and Apple, Raspberry and Peaches, Cherry and Banana, and Blackcurrant and Lime.

106 g

Made in Germany.

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