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Hershey's Giant Bar - Special Dark 12ct / Case


Hershey's Giant Bar - Special Dark 12ct / Case



Hershey's Giant Bar - Special Dark 12ct / Case

Giant Hershey's Special Dark Mildly Sweet Chocolate

The Great American Chocolate Bar, in a special dark chocolate. Hershey's Dark Chocolate is delicious and nutritious! In a GIANT bar form to boot!

Mildly sweet, and perfectly balanced dark chocolate, never bitter or overwhelming. If you want to enjoy a chocolate bar with no guilt and some added health benefits, Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate bar is just the one to choose! If you are not a fan of dark chocolate this will surely win you over!

  • Delicious mildly sweet dark chocolate
  • Giant Hershey bar great for sharing
  • Counter display

Offer your customers a giant chocolate bar they can’t resist with these Hershey’s dark chocolate bars with a deliciously mildly sweet taste. Each large bar offers an abundance of yummy chocolate goodness for sharing. Counter display box with instantly recognizable branding makes restocking and display setup quick and easy.

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