Haribo Peg Zing Sour Bites 4.5oz 12ct


Haribo Peg Zing Sour Bites 4.5oz 12ct



Haribo Peg Zing Sour Bites  4.5oz 12ct

Don't hesitate and dive straight into the world of yummy gummy candy with our huge range of American Haribo candy - there's something for everyone!

Deliciously mouth-watering zingy sour bites - it's really no wonder that kids and grown ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo!

  • Haribo sours
  • Peg bag for easy merchandising
  • Grab-and-go

Haribo® Zing Sour Bites are sour gummies with a unique flavor duo in each bite-sized piece. Haribo is a favorite brand among gummy enthusiasts that delivers quality in every new gummy creation, and this variety of Haribo gummies will not disappoint. From the bursts of color on the packaging to the flavor blasts inside, this product brings excitement at every turn.