Totally Awesome Dragon Gummies 4oz 12 ctct


Totally Awesome Dragon Gummies 4oz 12 ctct



Totally Awesome Dragon Gummies 4oz 12 ct

Thousands of years ago, many different kinds of weird and wonderful dragons roamed the earth…and some of them were Totally Awesome Dragons! Now these dragons are back as delicious, sweet gummies to fill mouths with magical dragon flavor power! These soft, chewy gummy dragons come in unique detailed dragon shapes and show off their signature powers with fruity flavor. Each bag comes with this cool group of powerful and legendary dragons in 4 deliciously mouth-watering fruit flavors: Red Strawberry Blaze: Fire dragon who burns up every 50 years and becomes stronger every time! Purple Grape Viper: Magic Dragon who is always breaking the rules with his mystical powers! Green Watermelon Astro: Magic dragon who blows other dragons away with his mighty strength! Blue Raspberry Storm: Water Dragon with his watery tail that can splatter 15 gallons of water per second! Gummy battle!!!!! Totally Awesome Dragons gummies are a shelf stable snack so everyone can enjoy for a long time. Disclaimer: Not for children 3 and under.