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Bazooka Juicy Drop Gums 16CT


Bazooka Juicy Drop Gums 16CT



Topps - Bazooka - Juicy Drop Gums 16CT

It's hard to resist a good piece a gum. And why should you? With the ability to satisfy a sweet tooth craving and improve your breath, there's no reason to refuse. Topps Juicy Drop Gum is especially good at hitting all of the high notes. And if you haven't tried it already, you definitely should. A sweet bubble gum with a sour gel, this is a texture and flavor explosion in your mouth. Flavors include Apple Attack, Knock Out Punch and Blue Rebel. There are 16 packs in each box and eight pieces of gum with .8 oz of gel in each pack. So you may even have some to share! 

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