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Airheads Gummies Peg 6.0oz 1/12ct


Airheads Gummies Peg 6.0oz 1/12ct



Airheads Gummies Peg 6.0oz 1/12ct

Play with delicious styles of Airheads Gummies with balloons, bow-ties, and sunglasses shapes in the same delightfully tangy flavors you love.

You love the classic Airheads candies – now enjoy Airheads candy in gummy form! This super fun gummy candy comes in the six classic flavors you know and love: blue raspberry, cherry, watermelon, orange, green apple, and strawberry. The gummies also come in fun shapes like balloon heads, mustaches, hats, bowties, and sunglasses. Use the accessories to dress up your balloon heads before you eat them!

When you’re stocking up on gummy candy in bulk and other snacks for your concession stand, candy store, or your pantry, consider adding Airheads gummies to your lineup.

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