Adams & Brooks Smile Pops 2/24ct


Adams & Brooks Smile Pops 2/24ct



Adams & Brooks Smile Pops 2/24ct

  • Bright yellow smiley face lollipops
  • Perfect for refilling Whirly Pop lollipop trees
  • 24 individually wrapped sales per box

Bring a smile to every candy lover’s face with these bright yellow Whirly Pop® smiley face lollipops. These individually-wrapped gourmet lollipops feature a fun smiley face painted in black on the packaging. Refill your Whirly Pop display stands with these tasty novelty lollipops or use them to refill counter displays.

These Delicious Yellow Lollipops With A Smiley-Face Wrapper That Will Make You Smile Right Back!

Sucker Specifications:

Net Weight: 1.5 Ounces

Diameter: 3 Inches

Total Length: 7 Inches